Teaching Course

English everywhere group

What the course covers:

  • How to assess students’ levels with diagnostic testing
  • How to plan and deliver a short language course
  • How to select materials to meet your students’ needs.
  • Beginners guide to English grammar.
  • A multitude of web resources to use in your lessons.
  • Current trends in blended learning and education.
  • Planning a systems lesson
  • Planning a skills lesson
  • The industry. Getting students and keeping students
  • Theory into Practice
  • Ee Accreditation

People who take the course

One of the great things about the Ee online teaching course is the diverse range of people it brings together.  Broadly speaking, here is our demographic:

  • Fully qualified teachers who want to start teaching online.
  • University students who want to earn money while they study.
  • Retired professionals who want a second career in teaching.
  • Travellers who want to earn while they travel.
  • EFL schools who want to train their teachers in online methodologies.
  • People who want a second income and love languages and meeting new people.
  • Non-native English teachers who want to develop a network of students in their own countries.

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